The History

Violek History.

1951 - 1980
"Memento of our Factory"

When we are thinking about our own story, the narrations that we are all able to call our family's history, we tend to recall the couple of our grandfathers. Maria and Michael were two inspiring personalities with a vigorous will for creation. Our ability to describe this couple during its first steps is limited to presenting these few photographs which clearly show the beginning of something new.

This is the point in time when our company's vision started taking flesh, as well as numerous other ideas were claiming their ground for the future. The first pieces of machinery gave the primary identity of a traditional brass founder as Violek produced a variety of products and general brassware fittings with an orientation to plumbing tools and equipment.

Violek History.

During the next decade, in the decade of 1970, the company's apparatus had been enhanced and upgraded, following the technological innovations and three generations before us were trained on it. Steadily the knowledge we have now has been acquired through valuable experience. As time approaches us and the objects of our story become our fathers, we have more evidence to support our narration. In the 1980s Violek has grown in members and was finally driven to a life-changing decision, to focus on the production of the highest quality of bathroom accessories.