The Company

'Introduction to a Timeless Vision'

Violek Box.

Apart from all the well-known designers and industries in the field of bathroom decoration, there are numerous smaller manufacturers that thrive through anonymity on innovative designs and solutions for the bathroom. As a family company that starts its journey in time during the 60s, Violek began as a traditional brass manufacturer that produced a variety of products.

The company can look back on a long tradition of manufacturing high quality bathroom accessories and today reaches the point that Violek can present itself among the most important European manufacturers. Our wide range of products is in line with the needs of modern bathroom decoration and lives up to a certain standard. It combines generations of traditional craftsmanship with revolutionary designs, always choosing the finest raw materials. This is the combination that creates well-trusted collaborations with interior designers, architects and bathroom specialists around the world. Having the first and final word upon every manufacturing procedure, Violek ensures that all its products are made in the company’s factory in Athens, from designing to polishing all brass components, electro-plating and the final assembling of the parts.

'Our Guarantee & Certificates'

Violek Box.

Since Violek has to respect its heritage and at the same time develop its position as a leading design brand in bathroom accessories, do not expect Violek products to be anything less than small pieces of art. Specialized craftsmen, modern engineering technology and years of experience provide a result of precision, elegance and functionality in every piece that is going to be fitted in your bathroom. Each Violek product is exclusively made of the purest brass. Maintaining several manufacturing stages in our premises in Athens, we proudly offer a fifteen year guarantee on the finish of the chrome platted surface. At last, products are not only manufactured to the highest standards, but they are also individually tested by hand before packing.

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'The team behind Violek products'

Violek Team.

People that cooperate with us and participate in our creative team have a vast knowledge upon decoration and bathroom’s design. Our constant feedback combines the needs of the international market, the new trends of fashion and the technological innovations. The result is to form an enthusiastic team which is always in position to distinguish the highest quality in materials and create a product that will fully meet the requirements of a contemporary bathroom. Do not be surprised if you witness our members vigorously support and believe in Violek products, because our belief derives from our experience and long lasting presence in the European and world-wide scenery. The bonding between members and the family-alike working environment are the keys for the inner organization and the care we put into all the procedures of Violek production.