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What does neo-industrial bring to our mind?


-HOW AM I LOOKING TODAY?, asked Design
-INDUSTRIALISED. Replied the masses.

Converted Warehouse.

What does industrial bring to our mind?

• Patterns
• Repetitive schemes in design
• Dull in colour
• Especially dark green
• Small square windows
• Burgundy floor tiling
• Metal trimmings everywhere
• Multi- sensational
• Heavy thuds
• High pitched metal sounds
• Team work

We grew up in the so-called industrial environment. We remember the small neighbourhoods that counted numerous companies that used to expertise in numerous activities. Producing, trading, reselling, promoting, reforming. While we witnessed the steady changing of our region in Athens, we kept this former image to help us remain loyal in our initial vision.

We would suggest that this sudden turn of interior decoration to the modern industrial style, leaving behind flamboyant colours, items that exceed the needs, consists a societal issue. A phenomenon that will be much examined in the years to come by social and statistical studies in universities.

What does that say about our everyday life?

It is a turn towards multi-sensational environments. The world has come down to our fingertips, minimising with every chance the aesthesis, the criterion of aesthetics. With the image acquiring the role of the most projected way of information transfer, not many things are left for imagination to figure out. All the blind spots that should be filled with each individual’s thoughts and assumptions, are now accurately depicted with no margins left to uncertainty. 35 years ago from today, Vilem Flusser, made his statement about this new world that will reposition the power from the voice, the violence, the physical presence to our fingertips, trapped in a reality pattern that is not changing. So, cutting a very interesting, yet long examined theory short, industrial design is a reminiscence of times that seem far forgotten.



Vilem Flusser.
Industrial Windows.