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Something New: Round Collection

In the effort of creating innovative ideas and combine the provided materials in such a way that will bring up unique results, we put together various round elements for this collection of products.

Unfolding the story from the opposite side, the Round collection was introduced in 2017 in various countries of the Middle East, in Greece and in some countries of North Europe. In all the exquisite bathrooms we have added our products as the final, but still important, detail, the result was  well- balanced between visual grace and sustainability in materials.

We selected brass rods of a wide range of diameters with the most recognisable of them, the almost 4 cm parts of the toilet roll holder and the towel bar. Those wide components have been loved by hotels and business spaces due to the wall fixing that is hiding behind. A base made of brass with a completely anti-twisting system is the key- factor for the support of the solid and heavy parts of this collection. 

Round Toilet Roll Holder.
Round Towel Ring Nickel Satin.

What else do we love in our Round series?

The strange Towel Ring.

It shows its attitude with a wide surface of 6 cm that either shines with the flawless plating or reflects metallic colours on the matt finishes. In a combination with the single robe hook, those two items serve the terms of functionality but in the same time create an elegant synthesis that pleases the eye.

The solid cases for the Tumbler Holder and the Soap Dispenser.

Sharing the wide wall fixing of this collection, the items that react the most in a bathroom with the needs of every individual, are prepared to stand the test of time and constant use.

Round Soap Dispenser.


The new platings.

Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel and the Natural Brass finishes are the new additions to the variety of coatings for our raw material, the brass alloy. 


Round Different Platings.
Round Toilet Roll Holder.