Something New: Pop Collection

Pop (noun): modern popular music, usually with a strong beat, created with electrical or electronic equipment, and easy to listen to and remember. 

We enjoy playing with words when we are in the process of creating something new for our brochure. There is a very thin line between designing and producing an item because you are always restricted to the methods and the materials you have been using until the specific moment. What an amazing feeling is to go through a complete brochure and think back upon the process all the factory’s departments have gone through for the result.

Reviewing the POP collection, we enjoy the versatile character of this series of products. The solid brass body is attached on the one side to the round backplate and to the other it is carefully bonded to the brass tube which is the profile in most of the products. 


Black Matte Toilet Roll Holder.
Pop creation.

What else do we really love in our POP collection:

The chunky grab bar.

With the brass tube reaching the diameter of 25mm it is a grab bar that comes in three sizes (30cm, 40cm & 50cm) and will drive your modern decoration a step further. Who can resist large chrome surfaces with mirror-alike finishes that will remain untouched for more than 10 years in the bathroom?

The Black Matte finish of course.

The sudden turn that interior decoration has taken from lively and vibrant colours to the industrial environment, redesigned to adapt to the needs of bathroom decoration, has urged many companies to produce a new palette for their products. VIOLEK is following with three ranges, POP, ROUND & TIPO that will complete the style with the rest of the elements that you have selected.

The multiple robe hooks.

No turning, no taking. Two robe hooks, three or four, is the solution for many households and commercial spaces, to save space and keep everyone’s towel in position. Attached to the wall with individual brass mountings that keep together the robe hook with the brass decorating blade, the multiple robe hooks are functional and stylish, safe for many years of use.