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Inform – Educate – Entertain.

How can these three words be combined in an innovative way with music? Easily!

Public Service Broadcasting is a band that formed in 2009. Through the years it has developed its own sound of Electronic Art Rock (if I may call it that) which uses samples of public information films, archive footage from sources such as BBC and even propaganda material (from WW II in example) in order to create the perfect sonic atmosphere for its conceptual albums.

Public Service Broadcasting.

I know it sound a little bit strange but imagine a concept album describing the space race through the Cold War. Its music is a fascinating mixture of electro art rock, with fragments of ambient and even jazz, depending on each song’s theme. The album starts with J. F. Kennedy’s 1962 speech regarding the race for space discovery, a matter of competition between USA and USSR throughout the Cold War era. Beginning with Sputnik 1 and Gagarin in space and through documentary samples of the Apollo missions, we have moments of triumph (Gagarin), disaster (Apollo 1), grandeur (Apollo 11 moon landing mission) and hope (Apollo 17 final mission). All these are dressed with amazing melodic music, sometimes ambient, sometimes rocking, sometimes electro – powered but always inspired and enjoyable. 

PSB have touched many subjects of interest, from the mighty Spitfire fighter plane to the first Mount Everest expedition and from the colour TV invention to the importance of mail services through modern history. They even created a concept album about coal mining in Britain through the years and its decline (the very good 2017 Every Valley Album).

Gagarin Song Video Clip.

One thing is sure: If you want to be informed, educated and entertained at the same time, you should check these guys out!

You can catch them live next October and November to their British autumn tour! Their live shows are filled with projections and light effects that dress their music and concept to perfection!