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The Company

'Introduction to a Timeless Vision'

The company can look back on a long tradition of manufacturing high quality bathroom accessories and today reaches the point that Violek can present itself among the most important European manufacturers. Our wide range of products is in line with the needs of modern bathroom decoration and lives up...

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The History

1951 - 1980 'Memento of our Factory'

The point in time when our company’s vision started taking flesh, as well as numerous other ideas were claiming their ground for the future. The first pieces of machinery gave the primary identity of a traditional brass founder as Violek produced a variety of products and general brassware fittings. During the...

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Producing Over 60 Series Of Bathroom Accessories We Choose To Show Our Most Successful, Timeless And Innovative Designs.

  • Elite


    Toilet Roll Holder

    The Elite collection is a timeless piece of craftsmanship which already counts more than two decades of design and production. It has been a massive breakthrough because of its innovative design, a mixture of experience and knowledge upon the fitting and the right placement of bathroom accessories. The Elite accessories by Violek are made by solid brass and promise to stand still and remain unaffected by time in your bathroom.

  • Status


    Towel Rail

    As its name declares the Status collection has a unique character. It is a dynamic and cutting-edge design which is based on large chromed surfaces of contrasting thin and heavy, square parts. The exceptional quality of solid brass and the smooth chromed surface produce a powerful yet stylish result in the Status design.

  • Retro


    Double Hook

    The Retro collection is a reminiscence of the baroque era in artistic style, a design that fits in harmony with a bathroom that selects neo-classical lines in decoration. This collection is one of the oldest Violek designs and has gained its position among the company’s timeless products. It is exclusively made of solid brass and apart from the shiny chrome plating it is available in an antique brass finish.

  • Cadena


    Toilet Roll Holder

    Violek has always considered itself an artful company. With the Cadena collection the company achieves to reflect its innovative spirit on a progressive design for the bathroom. As aggressive as a collection can be, the Cadena accessories merge the quality of solid brass with the functionality that a bathroom product should provide.

  • Moda


    Towel Ring

    An inventive and contemporary attitude comes out of this timeless product. The Moda collection is among the most distinctive Violek designs for the last twenty years and continues to hold its position of originality. It will instantly catch the eye in a bathroom since it is a collection that has a leading role in quality and avant-garde design.


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Raw Materials

Violek can guarantee upon the quality of its products, by choosing the purest solid brass [...]

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Creates its designs with the perspective of functionality and innovation and aims always to synchronize with the spirit of [...]

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Craftsmanship & Machinery

Our investment on the state of the art technology is proudly combined with professional craftsmen that [...]

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Plating Process

Violek provides a wide range of finishes through advanced electro-plating procedures that offer a thick layer of protection [...]